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Why organic?

As certified organic consultants, we are passionate about creating a more sustainable food system. Seeing firsthand the immeasurable benefits of organic and regenerative practices drives our work. We want more companies to realize the economic, social and environmental advantages that result from operating a certified organic or regenerative organic business.

Further, according to a 2020 survey by IBM’s Institute for Business Value, 6 out of 10 consumers are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact. And, more than 70% of those consumers said they would pay a 35% premium for products and brands that help them reduce environmental impact. These stats make it obvious as to why companies and brands are jumping into the organic market.

We have the drive and expertise to make your business more profitable, but also truly more sustainable. 
Lauren Gontram, Director

About our company

Organic System Planning

Our extensive experience in business plan development, budget planning, and contract writing gives us a business-minded perspective while also adhering to all organic compliance regulations.


We have inspected more than 1,000 organic operations – from small farms to multi-national food manufacturers.


Agregen specializes in regenerative organic pasture-raised egg operations. We have consulted with farms in the US and Australia; and attended agricultural conferences around the world. Our experiences have shaped our viewpoint and affirmed our dedication to pasture-raised livestock systems. 


We are IOIA-trained (International Organic Inspectors Association), Animal Welfare trained (with a focus on laying hens), and we are an IOIA Inspector-Level Member. Qualifications are maintained with regular, continued education offered through the USDA and other groups.

From the Field

Regenerative organic pig farm

Cultivating a more just food system through

Regenerative Organic Certification

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We have inspected and consulted over 500 organic operations, from small farms to multi-national food manufacturers. 
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