Organic Certification Services

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Consulting & Project Management

Agregen offers a range of organic certification services, no matter where you are in the process - whether you are a new business, a growing company, or looking to improve your current system. 

We are an alternative to an in-house compliance officer - we will advise on management or recordkeeping practices to ensure you are always aligned with the ever-changing rules; and will handle your annual organic inspections. 

In general, we will discuss the obstacles you face and provide solutions to help you achieve your goals. We work toward the most environmentally-sustainable practices and efficient processes to make your business stand out in the organic and regenerative markets. 

Curious about other certifications? We can help - just contact us with your questions.
USDA Organic - Regenerative Organic -  Humane Farm Animal Care - Pasture-Raised - Grass Fed - Biodynamic - Non-GMO

Organic System Plans & Organic Management Plans

We can handle the entire process in order for you to become Certified Organic or Certified Regenerative Organic.

This may include contacting certifiers, completing the paperwork, or developing operating procedures that align with the standard you seek. 

The result is an organic-compliant business model with a solid business management plan for the future. 

Paperwork we can help with for your organic system plan includes:
Certification agency forms
Maps (using GIS technology)
Floor plans
Organic process flows
Organic Control Points (OCP’s)
SOP’s / SSOP’s

Cultivating a more just food system through

Regenerative Organic Certification

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We have inspected and consulted over 500 organic operations, from small farms to multi-national food manufacturers. 
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